Day One: Uneventful


Nov. 26, 2018 – We were hoping to leave around 10am, but it seemed that things just kept coming up, and we wanted to make sure we felt totally prepared and comfortable before we left.  With all of the little hiccups that kept occurring, so we didn’t pull away from home until about 1:30pm.  Think about it:  we are going to be away for potentially 6 months!  This isn’t like moving, where you take everything with you and then hunt through boxes when you reach your destination.  We could potentially be out in the middle of the desert of southern New Mexico and suddenly need the checkbook!  Or stamps! We will surely experience all kinds of weather and temperatures from the 30’s to … 80’s, maybe 90’s?  Does Amazon deliver to barren government land in the middle of the desert?!  We also have to consider Tessa and all of her needs. The only thing she wanted to know was …


Tessa was exhausted from the anxiety of wondering what was “up” all day as we dashed around, so she snuggled right into the sofa and fell asleep.  We didn’t get as far as planned today, the rain and darkness forced us to stop at a Walmart in Riverdale, NJ.  But, an early departure tomorrow could allow us to make up lost time.  We shall see!  Boring first real trip post, I know, but there is a brighter tomorrow in the forecast!