Thoughts from the road …

Comment 1 Standard

1) The State of Connecticut is robbing us blind.  Case in point, the gas we just bought at a Pilot Truck Stop in S. Carolina. We actually paid 5 cents less thanks to our Good Sam discount.

2) StormRadar App is more accurate than WeatherBug app.

3) It’s strange to see Christmas trees on top of cars when it’s 68 degrees out.


There has been a request for more Tessa pictures.  Here she is with her nose in the air as we’re driving down the highway.  The smells in the air must be firing up her smell receptors, because her nose is constantly pointed up and wiggling!

Sniffing …

sniffing …

and more sniffing!

Are we ready yet?!

As they say in South Carolina, have a blessed day!

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