Goodbye, South Carolina; Hello, Florida!

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Not much to report as today was a traveling day. We were sad to leave Aiken as we really enjoyed that town. But, we are now settled into an awesome state forest campground outside of Jacksonville, FL.  There are only 7 sites in this campground, and you can barely see your neighbor! Very cool and remote feeling. Supposed to be great hiking trails, so we’ll check those out tomorrow. Unfortunately, there is rain coming for Sunday, and then we move further south on Monday.

We were so happy to be able to spend time with Larry and Sandy Noël! They were so hospitable, inviting us to their home and even to a holiday party at the polo club.  We really enjoyed their company.  Here are some parting photos from South Carolina:

Party at the polo club:

We visited the National Wild Turkey Federation Museum, which welcomed Tessa to tour as well!  First picture is her posing with her almost-likeness on the welcome mat.  LOL


We aren’t sure if the discovery of this radio station is an omen or what …

Driving through Georgia’s cotton fields … I couldn’t help but think about all the people who suffered as slaves picking this stuff by hand …

There’s more to come! We are still at the beginning of our journey!

Love to all back home! ❤️

2 thoughts on “Goodbye, South Carolina; Hello, Florida!

  1. We enjoyed having you both stop and visit, hopefully you will stop back in the spring,it’s even more beautiful at that time of year. Safe travels,love Larry and Sandy. 😎

  2. Sorry we were not able to get to see you both. We were only here for just 2 full days with the other 2 for travel. Tom and Maureen had already planned a few things to do. Glad you found your wood though. Again so close as in Barcelona … but not possible. Take care … safe travels on your adventure through our country….. keep the blogs coming!! Cathy

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