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The rain started last night. Right now we’re in a lull, but looking for rain off and on for the next four days or so. We debate whether or not to leave early during a lull and get to our next destination early (if they can accommodate us) or just sit it out and take our chances packing up during the rain on Sunday.

Oh, and we are now in a tornado watch! What is it with us and tornado watches? We had two or three of them last spring on the Texas trip!

Yesterday started with quite a scare. We had Tessa out for her morning walk and she was watching the many deer cross the road and move off into the forest. She was just watching quietly when, suddenly, a deer took off running. That’s all Tessa needed. She took off, too.  Go to the end of her leash, something snapped and Tessa was gone. Bob was off on foot and I in the car calling for her, telling everyone we saw that our dog was loose in the 2800 acre state forest. With poisonous snakes, wild boar, etc. Thankfully, one of the morning walkers found her laying in the middle of the campground road pretty much where she broke lose, so she was smart enough to follow her scent back. It appears that when we attached the leash, we accidentally snapped onto the ring that held her tags instead of the strong collar ring, and when she go to the end of the leash that tag ring must have snapped.  All of her tags are gone, but the town and vet are mailing us new license and rabies tags and, most importantly, our dog is safe. Lesson learned! Be careful where you hook the leash!!

We also used the Rover app for the first time.  We hired someone via Rover to do doggie daycare for us. Stephanie has several years of experience with dogs via volunteering with the SPCA, doing obedience training, and being the foster home to more than 45 dogs over the years.  For $30, she invited Tessa into her home for the day where Tessa got more exposure to little kids and played with the other dog who is in their care while the owners are on vacation. Tessa had a great time and was very well-behaved, although she was very happy to see us return!  Since we didn’t have to worry about Tessa, we were free to do our first bike ride in … 8 months?  We did a 25 mile ride from our campsite to the lovely town of Abita Springs and back.  It felt great!


Tessa with the dog-sitter’s daughter. She was so patient and gentle!

While in Abita, we checked out the Abita Mystery House …



I think this is the petrified remains of a mermaid … at least that is what it is supposed to be!

The sign outside said “see the 32’ alligator!” This is it!

Wait a minute. I did NOT see a wedding chapel! I want my money back!

We also checked out the Abita Brewery, which serves only their own brews.  We tasted several, and many of them were really awesome.  Unfortunately, the only picture we took was of the Christmas lights outside the bar.

Abita Brew House.

While yesterday was a full day, today was a good day to catch up on laundry, shopping, RV tasks, etc.  The weather forecast is awful for the next few days, but today we just had occasional drizzle with a tornado watch.  What the heck is it with us and tornado watches? We had three of them on our San Antonio trip, and now we have another! The worst of that weather system stayed west of us, thank God.  Take a look at the radar, that weather skirted us like this the entire day! The blue circle is where we are, and the weather system containing the possible tornadic activity never got closer than this!

And now, it’s time for a little TV before bed.  Hope you are all well!

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  1. Wow! Quite a busy day for sure. I love that mystery house haha. I like the “Keep Away” sign they have up!

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