This is Why We Travel … Experiences!

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We checked into Bayou Wilderness “RV Resort” yesterday. (I added the quotes because a RESORT usually includes amenities such as activities, nicely landscaped grounds, etc. We were lucky enough to arrive early and were given a site with a nice concrete patio, unlike the two RV’s that arrived after us. Some have wooden patios, some have plywood, most have nothing but wet grass.) Maybe it will stop raining for a while so that we can enjoy a little time on the patio. But, then, mosquitos are likely. It seems that we’ve had rain every day since we left Wildwood, FL, 12 days ago. The rain itself is not all that horrible, but the ground has been consistently saturated. This morning was no exception.

Bob asked someone if it always rains this much in Louisiana and the answer was, yes. Good to know. We’re looking forward to the desert at this point.


The daiquiri, which I remember as my mother’s cocktail of choice in the 1970’s, has fallen on hard times since the advent of craft beers and bourbon tasting parties … except in Louisiana where there are daiquiri bars in every town. Sometimes multiple daiqueri bars, or daiquiris and creams. I’m not ready to find out what creams are as I’ve barely wrapped my head around the plethora of daiqueri establishments. I told Bob that my curiosity has definitely been piqued and now I want to have a daiqueri.

We were driving home from our evening at the Rock ‘n Bowl last night (a music and dancing venue with stage and big dance floor surrounded by bowling alleys and a bar … another only-in-the-south experience, I think) and we spotted this building. It’s a Daiqueri store. Nothing new there, but the cars along the side of the store were momentarily puzzling. Wait … this is a drive-through daiqueri store! We gasped! We laughed! We were amazed.

When we had visited a liquor store in Mandeville, they had two daiqueri machines behind the counter. They are basically slushy machines in alcohol-flavored varieties. We asked if people are allowed to leave the store with them and drink them in the open. The clerk said, “We sell them, but once you put a straw in it, it’s out of our control.” Interesting.

So, today as we were on our way home from a shopping trip to Camping World, we passed the same drive-through daiqueri store. We had to stop! We went through the drive-through, told the fellow that we have nothing like this in Connecticut, and ordered one margarita daiqueri and one Incredible Hulk daiqueri and proceeded to the pick-up window where the same friendly guy handed us our drinks.  Two 16-oz drinks (that’s a small??) and a VIP card entitling us to one free after purchasing ten.

What a hoot!


Andrea pointed out that all of you on the east coast will be living in 2019 for an entire hour while we are still in 2018.  LOL.  I never thought about that before! Happy New Year to everyone we love, no matter what year you’re living in!


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