Windy City (of Rocks)

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This is why we decided to extend our stay at City of Rocks State Park, because the forecast called for very windy conditions Thursday and extremely windy conditions Friday. Best to keep The Beast parked where it is and wait for the winds to subside. Well, it was a good decision. Today we’ve been having 25-35 mph sustained winds with gusts to 45 mph. The wind has been rocking the motorhome for hours, and now, at 7 pm, it is raining out. Raining and pitch dark. This is an actual picture that we took outside just a few minutes ago in the dark without a flashlight on …

You think we are joking! We aren’t! When you can see the stars they are insanely beautiful (although we haven’t figure out how to get a photo of them yet).

This is the view that we’ve had all week from our campsite:

And this afternoon as the dust storm was making it’s way toward us:

But, this has been an odd day of really bad weather. It’s been a nice stay here, and the sunsets make the odd storm worth the trip.

Two parting pictures before we leave … maybe this will be our next motorhome:

And one last picture of the rocks!

Tomorrow we head to Arizona!

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