The Grand Canyon

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Because it really is impossible to describe the Grand Canyon, we’re going to quote Marianne Edwards of, as she put it best:

“Of all the places we go to in our travels, the Grand Canyon is possibly the only one that is entirely beyond description; no words, no photograph, and no artists’ renderings can do it justice. You must experience it.

Its size and beauty humble us. It evokes a sense of humility and of the interconnectedness of everything and every period in time. Over two billion years of the Earth’s history revealed in the rock layers reminds us, by comparison, of our own short existence on this planet.

Because we have nothing in our experience and no point of reference for comparison, we discovered that we couldn’t actually perceive the immensity of the Grand Canyon. We also discovered first-hand that we can’t trust our eyes or other senses. I liken it to trying to determine by eye the approximate distance between the Earth and the moon, or the illusion of a bigger moon when it’s near the horizon. The first time we set eyes on the Grand Canyon showed us this truth.

The canyon is 277 miles long, between 4 and 18 miles wide, and more than a mile deep. It was formed by a combination of factors: the uplift of the Colorado Plateau and the Colorado River cutting through it.

The south rim, at 7,000′ above sea level, is the more popular rim for tourists, not because the view from here is any more beautiful than at the North Rim but because it has a longer visiting season.”

Enjoy …



Skull and upper spine of some large animal, possibly an elk?



Two elk fed along the trail with no concern for people passing by. Fortunately, everyone was as respectful of them as we were. Yes, they were this close.



Beautiful spot for a picnic!



Traveling Tessa!


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