Country Roads

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Alabama is a beautiful state, but, damn, it is humid here! The drive through the Guntersville Lake and Tennessee River area of the state was just gorgeous! If southerners have a reputation for fishing a lot, it’s because they have so many ponds, lakes and rivers in which to do it!

The people are very warm and generous, always a smile and happy to lend a hand. Being from the north, it’s kind of odd to hear the word “ma’am” so often, but the southern chivalry was very much alive at Baleyton’s Good Time Drag Strip as men of all ages stepped away from the railing, “Here ya’ go, ma’am, stand in front so y’all can see; yes, ma’am, y’all enjoy yerself now, ma’am.”

The drag race was a new experience for both of us, proving that you’re never too old for new experiences or to learn new things. Despite this being a drag strip, this was very much a family event with very little alcohol visible. Seeing Bob’s cousin, Larry Noel, race was a real treat! Larry is the reigning 2018 C-class champion, and this was his first race this year as engine problems prevented him from competing in the first two races of the season. There was clearly a target on Larry’s back. Despite several great runs, in the final race, Larry tripped the red light and was, unfortunately, eliminated.

Once we left Baileyton, we headed up to Kentucky to visit another RV salvage yard. We don’t have these things in New England, and having an 18 year old motorhome makes it hard to find parts, so when we learned that they had a couple of Georgie Boys on their lot we had to see if they had anything we can use. Unfortunately, they didn’t, but it was still interesting to visit.

We’ve been driving through Kentucky and West Virginia for the past two days. These are gorgeous states that we would like to visit in depth on a future trip. The rolling mountains of West Virginia, in particular, are covered with dense forest. As you travel the interstate, you come across picturesque little hollows with green grass, a little farm, cows and crops growing. I imagine the views off the interstate to be a photographer’s paradise.

We’re settling into a Cracker Barrel parking lot in western Maryland for the night. Strong thunderstorms are rolling through the area, so best to park ourselves in a safe place until the morning. It won’t be long now … two more days until we’re home!

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