San Antonio, Part 1

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I posted some of these pictures to Facebook, but not everyone is on Facebook. So, feel free to scroll past the photos you’ve already seen, and enjoy those you haven’t!

Bob and I walked from the RV park up to downtown San Antonio the other day. Fabulous weather, probably just below 80 that day. It was a long walk, deserving of a beer as a reward.

Heading out from Travelers World RV Resort.
An entrance to the Mission Reach section of Riverwalk is right at the RV park entrance. Can’t get more convenient than that!
Looking down from a bridge. The blocks are in place to help slow and direct water in the event of heavy rain to prevent flooding.
Where elevation changes occur in the river, there are rocks to prevent water flow, and riffles built (like a submerged staircase with water flowing over it) through which kayaks and canoes can traverse the “waterfall” and continue their journey.
View from the top of the riffle.
Baby snake. Sunglasses for size.
Poor Tessa needed to cool off. The 10 lbs of water Bob carried in his backpack wasn’t enough.
San Antonio sits in a swath of Texas known as Flash Flood Alley. There have been many floods with loss of life recorded in the last 200 years. The Riverwalk project was built in part to mitigate the risk of future flooding.
We passed under this very old wooden train trestle. We assumed it had to be abandoned. Seconds later, a train crossed over it. Wowee!
“Tower of the Americas,” left over from the 1968 World’s Fair, can be seen from many places in San Antonio. An elevator takes you up to the revolving restaurant and bar.
Arriving at the downtown area, we started passing hotels with balconies overlooking the river.
The tower of the old Bexar County Courthouse peeks out at us. It has a moorish look to it.
Downtown San Antonio’s Riverwalk.
Lots of picturesque bridges reminiscent of Europe.
Time to enjoy a beer and watch the ducks!

We’ll be back!

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