About us

We are Bob and Louise Viens from Connecticut.  We are retired from long careers, Bob as a hospital RN, and Louise as an executive assistant in the corporate world. We both have always yearned to travel, but didnโ€™t get to do much of it in our younger years.  Fortunately, we met each other at ballroom dancing classes and, after a few years of being friends and enjoying dancing together, we realized that this might be more than a friendship.  Guess what?  It was!  We were married exactly 3 years and 4 days after our first date!

Since getting together, we have done a little bit of traveling both domestically and abroad, and bought a used motorhome to help fulfill the dream of seeing all of the USA.  Our search for a small class C motorhome landed us a 36โ€™ class A!  Whoops!  Our 2001 Georgie Boy Landau was a little bigger than we were looking for, but has turned out to be the perfect vehicle for us.  It gives us plenty of storage space, comfort, and it has given Bob plenty of stuff to tinker with!!

For a TOAD, we have pulled Bobโ€™s Honda Accord on our Acme tow dolly, but that has proven to be more of a pain in the @ss and more work than we want to deal with as weโ€™re moving from place-to-place, so weโ€™re in the process of setting up Louiseโ€™s 2012 Ford Focus Hatchback to be flat-towed.  Stay tuned for a blog post about how that works out, as itโ€™s not done yet!

Finally, we have a new addition to our little family … Tessa!  We met her two months ago at a local shelter.  Sheโ€™s a Georgia Peach who was saved from euthanasia at a high-kill shelter and brought to Connecticut for a chance at life.  We all fell in love with each other, and now we are a family!  Tessa will be almost 7 months old when we depart on our big trip.

So, if you see a big Georgie Boy Landau with a grey Focus hatchback and Connecticut plates on both on the road, say hi!  Weโ€™ll say hi back!


UPDATE: Fast forward to summer 2019 … we made it through our winter trip with the Georgie Boy, but it was more work than we anticipated. That motorhome gave us so many problems that Bob was probably working on it every other day. Countless times, the slide would not come in on the day we were to check out of a park because a shear pin broke. Bob would manually move the slide in and change the shear pin. Three times, we lost reverse on our transmission! Fortunately, Bob was able to diagnose and fix the problem himself which saved us! But, the writing was on the wall and by the time we returned to Connecticut in June, we knew that we had to get rid of that motorhome.

We found a great 2012 Monaco LaPalma class A motorhome in New Hampshire, sold our Georgie Boy at a loss to a mechanic who planned to replace the tranny, and spent the winter of 2019 in Florida in our new motorhome. It was exactly the right decision, because Bob didn’t have to do a lick of work on the rig that winter!


UPDATE: By the time we returned from our winter 2019-2020 trip, we knew that we didn’t want to be homeowners anymore. When we were traveling we never missed the house, but when we returned home we were itching to hit the road within a month. We knew what we wanted to do … sell the house and become full-time RVers!

As luck would have it, one of Louise’s daughters was looking for a larger apartment. We made her a deal that she couldn’t refuse and she bought our house! That made it so much easier to move. We put a bunch of stuff in storage, sold or donated a ton of other stuff and left some furniture in the house for her to use or sell. On September 19, 2020, we drove away from Manchester, Connecticut as brand new full-time RVers!