Sweet Home, Alabama

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We spent two nights in the lovely community of Fairhope, Alabama, where we boondocked in the parking lot of Big Daddy’s Grill, a restaurant on the banks of the Fish River.  Cute little town with it’s own little “French Quarter,” wrought iron architecture and charm. We enjoyed speaking with locals who are filled with Southern hospitality and love talking about their hometown. We learned that this area was a hiding spot for confederate munitions during the Civil War, and that Jimmy Buffet used to keep a boat at the docks here at the restaurant. There are also many very large horse farms in town with miles and miles of fencing. Yesterday, we moved on to New Orleans, but we’ll tell you about that tomorrow!

Big Daddy’s Grill. Good fish, excellent hush puppies and slaw! And free boondocking for two nights!

It is a submarine of some sort. It’s something of a mystery.

Morning mist on the Fish River.

Pelicans in the morning (getting ready to head off to work).

Us … Fairhope’s “French Quarter.”

Ahh, the beignets at Panini Pete’s!!!

Lovely architecture, different styles side-by-side.

I thought this guy was fake at first. We walked all right past him with the dog and he never moved a muscle.

Walking the beach along Mobile Bay (that’s pronounced, Mo-BEEEEL, folks) in Fairhope.


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  1. Beautiful pictures as always. You both look great and happy…. MERRY CHRISTMAS……Love, Cathy and Dan

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