Thunderbolt and Lightening, Very, Very Frightening

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We had one hell of a storm here last night!  We get storms in the Northeast, but nothing like this.  For about 24 hours we watched the radar as a line of red very s-l-o-w-l-y marched closer to us. The storm was moving northeasterly, and it was “training.” In meteorology, training is when multiple thunderstorms move in a path like a train, producing excessive rainfall and often causing flash flooding. We saw lightening in the dark sky for hours before we even heard any thunder because the storm was moving so slowly toward us. It arrived around 11:30 or midnight. I watched the radar through the night and was amazed that the storm barely moved. This is where the storm was at 12:45 am (we are the blue dot):

And this is where the storm was at 2:10 am (I had zoomed in closer, so it looks bigger):

We had torrential rain, hail, and one explosion when lightening hit a tree in the woods nearby. This went on for about 3 hours! It finally moved on.

When I took Tessa out for her morning walk, I was amazed by the flooding! We are so lucky to be on one of the driest sites in the park! We had a ring of water around the back of our site, but it drained within a few hours. Much of the park is still flooded. Other campers have been juggling sites, trying to find one that’s fairly dry.  We really lucked out with site #12!!



Despite all the flooding, it’s amazing how quickly it drains.  The gullies on the sides of the roads are still flooded, and there’s still puddles in most of the sites, but the majority of the water is gone. And the hardy people of Louisiana have been moving into the campground for the weekend anyway! I guess they are used to this, and they aren’t going to let some rain and a few mosquitos ruin their weekend camping plans!

Tonight we had a beautiful sunset over Lake Pontchartrain!

Happy Friday!

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